[HDSLR] IBC 2011, Amsterdam, and test the Canon 8-15mm fisheye f / 4 L

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I am back in the Netherlands for the audiovisual exhibition IBC 2011 in Amsterdam .

This show was very exciting, both the technological and human development.

With CPS (very nice), I had the opportunity to test some optical, including the new Canon 8-15mm fisheye! Although at first I was very dubious about the value of such a range for a zoom fisheye, I quickly realized the benefits with my 1D.

At present, there is no L-series dedicated to APS-C. Canon considers (?) Again, that these boxes are for amateurs and experts and does not want assigned to dedicated lens L pros. Well it is marketing as we know!

So with this 8-15mm Canon has quietly fill this gap, starting with the fisheye.

Indeed, the fisheye effect is obtained for a Full frame 15mm and 10mm for APS-C. If you have multiple boxes, or some type of sensor, so you are forced to opt for a 10mm or 15mm. With this lens, no need to choose, you can get the fisheye effect on three different sensors! 8-10mm for APS-C 12mm for APS-H (1D) and 15mm for full frame! I would add that the owners of sensors cropper type 1D and 7D have a second advantage. It is able to "dose" effect "fish eye" zooming. At the expense of an angle less than 180 degrees, so you can reduce the distortion due to zooming, without cropper.

Note that the sharpness is excellent at F / 4. If the current fisheyes anyway.

Test on the 1D (APS-H x 1.3)




Be careful to remove the hood who is from 8mm!

Position on 8mm 5D and 1D can see the black edges from the inside of the lens. The effect is disturbing, but with a little imagination you to do cool stuff, like Vincent Laforet over NYC with an old 8mm fisheye fixed on a Full Frame. ;-)

Other stands of the IBC:

The alternative to the famous Manfrotto 561HDV video monopod! wait to show you that.

The eagle Titan position stabilizer fist

The eagle can be transformed into Titan shoulder pad!

The camera Arri ALEXA on a Canon Optical Film!

Many (too?) Manufacturers cranes


Blimp camera

ZEISS optics for film in Canon mount and ARRI

A concentrate of green technilogie ;-)

In a governed ...


Last little indiscretion at Nikon ;-) SLR announcement expected in coming weeks.

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